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Cat Water Fountain BioLisk™

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Hydration is very important for cats. A dehydrated cat can go into serious conditions, such as destructive behavior or shorter life expectancy. When we love our pets....we prove it.

Cats prefer to drink from a running water source, which is fresher, cleaner and definitely safer in their eyes, so their instincts lead them to prefer it to the water in the bowl, which is considered stagnant.

AMAZING DESIGN AND OPTIMAL CAPACITY - Cat Water Fountain BioLisk™ is designed to have an optimal capacity of 1.5l and equipped with three water flow speed modes, keeping it fresh and bacteria-free at all times. Due to its design raised off the ground, it will offer your cat proper posture while hydrating.

QUALITY MATERIALS - All of our automatic drinking fountains have been constructed with the best food-grade PC material on the market, with BPA-free plastic providing above-average longevity and making it tasteless, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

HEALTHY DECISION - Equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system, it will filter water optimally, eliminating possible bacteria and impurities, providing your cat with safety and a unique experience.

EASY TO USE - With its convenient size and USB charging socket, Cat Water Fountain BioLisk™ will be perfect to place in any corner of your home, and the simple design of the quick release structure is designed to simplify disassembly and cleaning. Also, when the water level inside the drinking fountain is too low, it will automatically turn off!

NO STRESS - It is uniquely designed and ultra-quiet, featuring a custom suction cup to minimize noise, which ensures that your pets will not be distracted by any noise, reassuring even the most fearful cats. 

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