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Anti Pest Collar BioLisk™

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Keep your pet safe from pests and parasites!

Fleas can carry parasites, which they then transmit to their hosts. "When pets brush fleas off their bodies, they often swallow them, and if the flea is a carrier of tapeworms, they enter the intestinal tract of the pet," says Dr. Morris (PetMD).

But what about ticks? Can they actually kill dogs? Chronic canine ehrlichiosis can lead to death, failure to detect Lyme disease at an early stage can also lead to death (according to the British Veterinary Association).BioLisk™ Anti Pest Collar is a great money and time saver and an alternative to harmful flea pills and drops with side effects. Its 100% natural formula, based on plant essential oils, makes it completely safe for your pet.

The collar is formulated with controlled and slow-release active ingredient technology that covers your pet's entire body in just 24 hours, providing up to 6 months of protection!

Important to know: we advise replacing the collar with a new one every 4-6 months. If your pet is mostly at home, change the collar every 6 months. Every 5 months if your pet walks frequently and for a long time, and every 4 months if it spends most of its time outdoors.

​100% Natural & Hypoallergenic - Made from a plant-based formula of essential oils (citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, aloe), the collar is perfect and safe for your pets, children, and the environment.

Increased Efficacy - Vet-tested BioLisk™ Anti Pest Collar actively kills and prevents fleas and ticks for up to 6 months, including paralytic mite, brown dog mite, and bush mite.

Suitable For All Pets - The 63cm (25in) length is perfect for all pets, simply cut off the excess flea collar. It's also perfect for growing pets, you just need periodically adjust the fit.

Waterproof & Eco-Friendly - Our collar is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). This is an environmentally friendly foam material. It is also 100% safe for humans and pets. Remains effective after shampooing or exposure to rain or sunlight.Features:

  • 100% Natural, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Safe & Hypoallergenic for Your Pet
  • Adjustable Size for Pets of All Sizes
  • Pleasant Scent and Waterproof Design
  • Suitable for Sensitive Pet Skin
  • Equally Perfect for Dogs & Cats

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