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Pet Bathing Jet BioLisk™

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No more dirty paws at home!

Bathing your dog can be a tedious and time-consuming activity... But it is inevitable: puddles in the streets, mud, rain, or just a trip to the countryside rarely leave your pet crystal-clear. But can bathing be a joy for you and your furry little one? Of course it can!

With twice the pressure of a conventional hose, 8 dog-friendly spray modes and adjustable soap dilution, BioLisk™ will remove any ingrained dirt under the coat and make bathing easier and faster, helping your dog stay calm during the process.

​​Suitable For Any Hose - The Pet Bathing Jet BioLisk™ has a universal connector that fits perfectly with any garden/shower hose you have on hand.

8 Bathing Modes - From a simple quick wash to multiple levels of massage: now your pet can get a real salon treatment in the comfort of your beloved home. Plus, the Pet Bathing Jet BioLisk™ removes even stubborn, dried-on dirt, thanks to its spot-on, high-pressure action. 

Ultra-Efficient - The Pet Bathing Jet BioLisk™ uses 6 times less shampoo/bathing solution than you would use by hand. More fun for your pet, less expense for you!

Completely Silent - BioLisk™ makes no noise and even reduces the noise of the water, so that even the most timid & fussy pet will not give up another bath after a nice walk.

How to use?

  • Step 1 - Prepare: Connect the Pet Bathing Jet BioLisk™ to a hose (garden or shower hose, whatever you have on hand). Fill the bottle with whatever dog shampoo or other bathing product you use.
  • Step 2 - Set: Select one of the 8 built-in spray modes on the nozzle. Easily adjust the soap flow with the dial on the top. 
  • Step 3 - Bathe: Press the Pet Bathing Jet BioLisk™ handle to turn the water pressure on or off. Unlike hand washing, the BioLisk™ instantly creates an effective soapy mixture that penetrates between the hairs and helps you get the bathing job done in no time. 

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