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CatNip Lick Ball BioLisk™

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Give your lovely pet something to gnaw and play on!

360° rotating CatNip Lick Ball makes it so fun for your kitty. It is deal gift for cats to keep their teeth clean, reduce boredom, consume excessive energy, help improve the relationship between you and your cats.

CatNip Lick Ball BioLisk™ is equipped with a traceless adhesive onto its plate that can securely grip on walls, chair foots, floors, and other surfaces. Allowing the toy to stay fixed in place and avoid getting lost as your cat licks, chews, scratches or even rubs their soft cheeks against it.

CatNip Lick Ball BioLisk™ helps in exfoliating plaques and tartar in the teeth and it also acts as an excellent appetite stimulant for them. Moreover, it aids digestion and lets trapped impurities like hairballs pass safely through the gastrointestinal tract, preventing stomach upset, constant gagging, constipation and so on. 

The ball is enriched with chemicals that stimulate your cute cat’s happy receptors and pheromones. It makes even the laziest couch potato feel excitement, playfulness, and displaying affection that all owners would wish for. CatNip Lick Ball BioLisk™ comes with a handy translucent cover so you can close it anytime when not in use.  

STICKY & ROTATABLE: This catnip ball has thick stickers at the bottom that can firmly stick on every surface. It is also rotatable for your furry pal to enjoy.

EXHAUSTING THE HAIRBALL: Catnip can actually be beneficial for your fluff. Catnip is known to help your pal with their digestive tract along with their gastrointestinal health.

INCREASE APPETITE: Catnip contains chlorophyll that cats can't synthesize. When cats need it, they will take the initiative to relieve mild stomach discomfort, supplement vitamin C, and increase appetite.

Easy TO USE: Featured with double-sided adhesive and equipped with other adhesives for each ball, these catnip balls for kittens are easy to be removed separately and apply. Just paste it to the bed, sofa, door, wall, window, and other furniture, bringing a happy mood to you and your cat.

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