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Interactive Cat Toy BioLisk™

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Tease and entertain your cat with this bird stimulation toy!

Keep your cat active and entertained with our Interactive Cat Toy BioLisk™ interactive cat toy. Maneuver this fun toy to make your cat squirm and jump - for both yours and its enjoyment.

Our cat toy is perfect for kittens and adult cats. Qartel™ interactive bird-simulating cat toy mimics the natural instinct to hunt and prey and encourages your pet to exercise more. It also improves your cat's mobility and immune system and reduces obesity.

Our cat toys are designed to strengthen the bond between you and your cat and allow hours of play together. It's a great way to interact and spend time with your cat.

Handheld model: You can hold the Qartel™ bird simulation interactive cat toy in your hand to interact with your cat whenever you want.

Suction cup model: You can easily attach it to the floor or wall. Your cat will play with it, or you can detach the perch from the base, hold it and play with the cat.

All accessories are made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The pole is flexible, not easy to break, and has a longer lifespan and more durability. Interactive cat toy FastNord™ is safe and healthy for your cat, you and your family.

The toy is lightweight and portable, easy to hang and replace the feather. It is the ideal interactive toy for your beloved furry friends.

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