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Pet Bath Brush Biolisk™

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Make your pet clean and happy!

Does your pet hate bathing? Do you find it hard to clean sensitive areas like ears, muzzle and paws? Our Pet Bath Brush Biolisk™ will save you time and get your dog clean!

No more stressful baths!

  • Ergonomic non-slip design
  • ​Promotes health and wellbeing
  • ​Suitable for all your furry friends
  • ​Gently removes loose hair and dirt
  • ​Pleasantly massages the skin
  • ​Provides plenty of foam and deep cleansing

Made of high-quality, soft silicone, the Biolisk™ Pet Bath Brush cleans your pet while massaging their skin. The round teeth improve blood circulation while an ergonomic shape helps for comfort and ease of use to prevent wrist and hand strain.

With nearly 500 soft bristles made from food grade silicone, the soft bristles are very friendly to your pet's fur and skin. Tuck the shampoo into the opening, squeeze it gently and then gently rub it over your pet's hairy skin to quickly create an abundant lather, all very simply and conveniently.

Soft, Durable & Long-Lasting - Pet Bath Brush Biolisk™ is made from high quality food grade silicone which is heat resistant, easy to clean and quick to dry. It instantly pulls loose hairs from your pet's coat, removes dead hair, lice and insects.

Comfortable Massage Feeling - With its shampoo dispenser design, the Pet Bath Brush Biolisk™ can not only give your pets a quick and thorough wash, but also massage the skin to improve circulation.

Ergonomic design - Pet Bath Brush Biolisk™ has a special non-slip handle that allows you to hold it comfortably while bathing your pet, squeeze it slightly and the shampoo can easily flow out, thus saving you more pet shampoo.

❌No more stressful baths!
❌No more hair matting!
❌No more dirty pets!

✅ Gently removes loose hair, dirt, and mud
✅ Pets love the massaging bristles
✅ Works on all your furry friends

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