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Pooper Scooper BioLiskâ„¢

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Make dog walking much easier!

Love walking your dog but don't like cleaning up after him? Don't want to touch dog poo with disgust again? Not a problem any more! Simply take a bag from the built-in bag dispenser, slip it over the poo and pick up the poop in seconds without smelling or touching it.

Wherever you're walking your furry pet, in the garden or on the road, your Pooper Cooper will pick up waste from any surface without leaving a trace! Forget the horrible smell and discomfort and enjoy a pleasant and fun walk with your furry friend.

All you need is a couple of seconds! Simply take a bag, put it on the shovel, pick up the poo and throw the bag in the nearest rubbish bin. Once you're done, attach your Pooper Scooper to your belt or dog collar and continue the fun walk.


  • Clean comfortably, saving time and money
  • ​Perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes
  • ​Has an integrated compartment for waste bags​
  • ​Attaches to everything with integrated hook
  • ​Can be enlarged 4 times in a single movement
  • ​Works on any surface, leaving no marks

Save time and money - Why waste money on paper and bags all the time and still clean up with your own hands? Take your Pooper Scooper and instantly remove poop without touching it!

​Clean comfortably - All you need is a couple of seconds. Simply take a bag, put it on the shovel, pick up the poo and throw the bag in the rubbish bin

​Take care of nature - Make your park even cleaner! Just take your Scooper with you and take a moment to clean up after your dog. By the way, our bags are biodegradable and environmentally friendly

​Perfect for pets of all sizes - Your Pooper Scooper easily enlarges and shrinks to create the size you need. If you have a large dog breed, simply pull the small handle and your Pooper Scooper will more than quadruple its capacity.

​Built-in rubbish bag storage - The built-in rubbish bag compartment holds one roll of bags, enough for at least 20 uses! Simply insert your bin bags into the correct compartment and no more worrying about forgetting your bin bags.

​Handy attachment hook - Easily attach the Scooper to your leash, pram, backpack or trouser belt with the included hook. Forget the inconvenience, you always have the essentials at your fingertips.

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