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Self-Cleaning Comb Biolisk™

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Get rid of hair all over the house!

The Biolisk™ self-cleaning brush easily removes loose hair, dirt and tangles, while creating a gentle massage effect and boosting circulation. What's more, brushing now takes just 5 sec, thanks to the clever self-cleaning function - just brush, press the button, and that's it!

No more pesky hair!

  • Quick brushing in seconds
  • ​Doesn't scratch your pet's skin
  • ​Gives a gentle massage effect
  • ​Effectively boosts blood circulation
  • ​​​Self-cleaning button, non-slip handle
  • ​​Recommended by vets and groomers

Plus, with its self-cleaning ability due to its curved and soft bristles, the Self-Cleaning Comb Biolisk™ will definitely make life easier. The soft, flexible stainless steel bristles with round tips are gentle on the skin, removing fallen hair and reducing shedding.

The Self-Cleaning Comb Biolisk™ has a spring-loaded brush head, which loosens hair fall, and a non-slip rubber grip for easy holding. The Self-Cleaning Comb is designed with your pet in mind and will help you brush with ease.

Easily deals with tangles - Self-Cleaning Comb Biolisk™ is renowned for its ability to effortlessly remove any mats and tangles from your pet's fur. Thanks to its extremely fine bristles which penetrate deep into our pets fur.

Stimulates circulation - This type of brush can also help in stimulating good blood circulation in your pets. In addition, it can promote proper distribution of natural oil in your pet's coat.

Self-cleaning - After combing out the hair, press the cleaning button to remove any remaining hair on the brush. Brushing takes only about 5 seconds thanks to the self-cleaning function of the brushes.

Safe and comfortable bristles - Self-Cleaning Comb Biolisk™ has a slightly curved shape designed to reach deep under your pet's coat for cleaning. The massage particles do not scratch your pet's skin, providing your pet with a fun and enjoyable grooming experience.

Non-slip and sturdy handle - Self-Cleaning Comb Biolisk™ has a comfortable and ergonomic handle with a non-slip texture that reduces pressure on your hands. It can prevent hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet.

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